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Explore the Power of Our LIS Features: Elevating Your Lab Management to New Heights!

Report Integration

Experience a new level of data visualization and reporting with our seamless integration of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Generate comprehensive reports, analyze trends, and derive valuable insights to drive informed decision-making within your laboratory.

Fax Tracking

Bid farewell to manual tracking and streamline your communication processes. Our LIS includes advanced fax tracking capabilities, ensuring that crucial information is transmitted securely and efficiently. Stay on top of communication, reduce errors, and optimize workflow effortlessly.

Label and Barcode Generator

Enhance your sample tracking accuracy with our advanced Label and Barcode Generator. Create customized labels and barcodes, ensuring each sample is uniquely identified. Improve efficiency, minimize errors, and elevate your lab's precision with this indispensable feature.

Sample Laboratory Management

Manage your samples with unparalleled efficiency. MarveLIS empowers you with comprehensive Sample Laboratory Management tools, from sample collection to storage and disposal. Streamline workflows, reduce turnaround times, and enhance overall sample traceability.

Audit Logs

Ensure transparency and traceability in your lab operations with MarveLIS robust Audit Logs feature. Track every action within the system, from data modifications to user access, providing a comprehensive record for compliance, quality assurance, and accountability.

HL7 System Integration

Embrace seamless communication and interoperability with MarveLIS HL7 System Integration. Connect your LIS with other healthcare systems effortlessly, ensuring a smooth exchange of data and fostering collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem.

Patient Profile Management

MarveLIS goes beyond sample management with robust Patient Profile Management. Capture and organize patient data seamlessly, providing a comprehensive view of patient information. Enhance personalized healthcare delivery and contribute to a patient-centric approach.

EHR Integration

Bridge the gap between your lab and electronic health records (EHR) with our seamless EHR Integration. Ensure a smooth flow of information between the lab and healthcare providers, enhancing the continuity of care and contributing to a more connected healthcare ecosystem.

HL7 System Integration

Seamless Interoperability

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